Some of the 2010 scarecrows:

The Galston Scarecrow Gathering 2010               2009             2008



 1.     The Scarecrow Gathering will be held from Monday 12th September to Sunday 19th September.

2.     There are a number of categories and entrants are encouraged to use their imagination for their creation. Entries which have more than one scarecrow in a group (eg from a nursery rhyme) will be judged as a single entry. Ideas may be gleaned from the many excellent scarecrow sites on the internet.

3.     Scarecrows will be judged on strength, durability to the weather, imagination and character. Defamatory, offensive and political character scarecrows will not be permitted. The judges decisions will be final. Results will be published in local newspapers.

4.     Entrants are encouraged to display their scarecrows on properties, outside shops, road sides or anywhere they can be seen until dusk from 12th to 18th September.

5.     Entries will be judged on Sunday 19th September in Fagan Park, Galston when The Scarecrows gather to enjoy The Bushland Shire Festival.

6.     Your signature on the entry form will mean that you agree to assign the right to the organisors to use photographs and descriptions of your entry for publicity following the event and for the promotion of future events.

7.     Multiple entries will be accepted. The cost of each entry is only $5.

8.  Entry is open to anyone whether in the District or not.

9.     No responsibility can be accepted for vandalised or stolen scarecrows. They should be taken in at night.

10. Entrants are responsible for getting their scarecrows to Fagan Park between 8.30am and 9.30am on 19th September for the judging. They must be removed between 4pm and 4.30pm. Due care will be taken during the display period in Fagan Park but no responsibility can be accepted for damage.

11. The scarecrows will be judged during the morning with winners announced at around noon.

12. The Galston Scarecrow Gathering is an activity of The Rotary Club of Galston,  It is sponsored by The Bendigo Bank, Galston.

It is part of the Galston SpringFest 2010.

13. Call Shirley Tel/Fax 9653 3062 or Barbara 9653 1065 for additional information.





Tie two poles together in a cross formation using the longer one for the body and a shorter one for the arms. Thread the arm pole through a shirt or coat sleeves and the upright pole through one of the trouser legs.

Fasten the buttons and stuff the scarecrow with straw for an authentic look, or alternatively stuff with plastic bags or anything which will stand up to the weather.

Close the arm and leg openings with string and tie the waist to the pole.

Stuff an old cushion cover or something similar for a head and paint on a face.

Fasten an old battered hat on the head. Boots or shoes can be tied on the feet.

Other accessories add charm to your scarecrow.


A FEW IDEAS FOR CREATIONS:  Traditional Scarecrows – TV Characters – Animals -

Groups - Nursery Rhyme Characters – Film Stars – Children’s TV Characters -

Tradesmen – Cartoon Characters – Fairies & Pixies – and many more



  Scarecrows Competition Entry Form

Scarecrows Colouring In Competition Entry Form