Each year nominations are received from the public and Awards are presented to deserving folk in our community.

The 2008 annual Galston Rotary Community Awards presentation was held on Wednesday 7th May at the Waterview Restaurant, Berowra Waters. Our congratulations to the following recipients:

Hannah Griffiths

Hannah has been extensively involved in the Galston Rural Fire Brigade for over six years with her two sisters and father. Hannah has completed numerous training courses to perform the role of active fire fighter and is a breathing apparatus operator. This role requires extensive training, skill and personal determination to carry out search and rescue of victims trapped within a building. Hannah attends incident calls when she is available, and is part of an effective team to limit fire impact on the community. She participates in community education, assists in volunteer training throughout the district in Basic Fire fighting and Breathing Apparatus. She has held the position of Community Safety Officer and Publicity Co-ordinator. At present Hannah is the Brigade’s new secretary, and has recently completed her crew leader certificate and instructors course. Hannah works as a paralegal and is current studying law at University; she teaches the flute, volunteers in a Church Leadership Group and runs her own small business.

Mariel Greenwood-Graham

Mariel at 15 years of age has achieved success and high personal achievement in performance. She has been studying singing since she was five. In 2007 she received High Distinction in the AMEB 3rd grade Contemporary Singing exam and won the McDonald College Jazz Vocal Award. She has also had her song “As Winter Fades” recorded and distributed by The McDonald College. Apart from winning numerous awards and talent quests Mariel has performed at many fundraising events at the Opera House, Acer Arena, Telstra Stadium, Government House and other major venues. She performed with the Australian Girl’s Choir in Phoenix, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Anaheim (Disneyland) and Texas. Mariel continues to share her talent by volunteering to perform for fundraising and charitable Community events.

Greg Langdon

Greg has been involved in Galston Rural Fire Brigade for eight years. He has completed numerous training courses and is one of the Brigades breathing apparatus operators. Greg has completed a Village Firefighting course and is currently undertaking the Advanced Firefighters course. He attends many incident calls, acts as an effective team member to limit the impact of fire on the community. Greg participates in community education and assists in training volunteers in Brigade induction and numerous training courses focused on improving their skills. In 2007 he was secretary and at present is Social Coordinator. This work improves team morale and keeps the extended family together. Greg has also been elected to the position of Brigade Assistant Training Officer in the last couple of months. He is committed to organising and delivering informative training sessions for members at all levels. This includes organising training events and training days. Greg works for Optus in frontline customer service and trainer. He volunteers for St Johns Ambulance providing training to new members and also attending large events as First Aid Leader.

Goodies Bakery - David Goode

David Goode has owned the bakery for eight years. The business has grown with excellent customer service and a strong link to the community. David has donated bread and cakes to St. Vincent De Paul, The Uniting Church at Galston, Galston High School, Galston, Arcadia and Middle Dural Primary schools. He has also helped the above groups with fundraising by assisting with cost price only products. David has also helped the Galston Country Music Festival. The community have commended David and his staff for excellent work ethics, customer rapport and supporting the continued training of apprentices.

Glenorie Newsagency - Richard & Marie Ja Ja

Richard and Marie have had the Glenorie Newsagency for just over two years. They listen to their customers and provide a service of the highest standards. They promote a high work ethic, charitable outlook and deep awareness of the personal situation of others, not simply business. They have modernised their business and cater for a wide variety of local interests and special requests. They have employed staff with excellent skills and enthusiasm for the business. Richard and Marie are a young family with one 3 year old, who live in Greenacre and travel to the community of Glenorie for their work. They love this area with the country values still in tact. Wherever possible Richard and Marie assist the local schools and community groups with their fundraising and community days. Their customers believe them to be so deserving of a Rotary Community Award for Small Business.

Lorick Management - Lorri Modde

Lori Modde is the General Manager/Owner of Lorick Management which specialises in Tourism & Events Marketing and Development. The business strives to assist businesses in being a sustainable part of the Tourism and Events industry. A small idea in 2005 has turned into a profit making business with repeat and growing clientele. The staff is dedicated to volunteer roles within the industry and community. The company tendered for a contract to run the Outback Regional Tourism Organisation which they won in 2007. Lori Modde and her staff are involved in the Hills Rural Business Chamber, The Galston Seventh Day Adventist Church and volunteer work with a local school. Peter is in the Rural Fire Service, Senior Deputy within the Catering Brigade at Hornsby Kuring-gai. This is another great example of business working with community.

Christine Douglas

Christine is a resident of Glenorie who has done immense work within the operatic industry. As a young woman she had a passion and love for the sound of opera. She studied at the Victorian College of Arts and sang extensively with all the state opera companies. She joined the Australian Opera in 1988 and was awarded a Churchill Fellowship in 2001. Christine has spent her time mentoring and training the next generation. Using her research from UK and USA, she now helps promising young opera singers in her role as Artistic Director with Pacific Opera. Later this year Christine is planning to hold an educational arts workshop for high school students aged 8 to 11 years. Opertab is where she leads a team of 5 specialist, facilitating 15 students for 20 hours, exploring and developing dramatic and musical concepts. Opportunities for young opera singers in Australia are rare. Christine has helped them find a way to stay in Australia whilst fulfilling their dream.

Norma Smith

Norma has been nominated for a Community Service Award for her work with the Galston Country Music Festival. She is affectionately known at Galston Rotary as the “bag lady”. Since the Festival’s inception in 1996 every year she has manned the caravan we hire, selling show bags and sample bags. She often coerces a friend to help her on the day but she handles the inventory and money relating to the sales, while pleasantly encouraging customers to part with their money for an extra bag. Her only condition to doing this job for Rotary, is that the caravan faces the stage so she can watch the entertainers (and sing) as she works. During the weeks prior to the Festival Norma can be found around the Seven Hills and Blacktown areas putting up posters in shop windows, at train stations and bus stops. Without volunteers like Norma there would not be a Country Music Festival.

Patrick Marlin

Patrick has been nominated for a Community Service Award for his work with the Galston Country Music Festival. He has assisted the organisers since the Festival began in 1996. He works all day of the actual Festival, setting up and helping with the stage management. He has taken annual leave from his job with City Rail to lend a hand whenever needed. Patrick has transported entertainers to and from the airport or hotels, as well as putting up signs and posters in local shops. He has assisted with the organisation and running of the Friday and Saturday night functions. Patrick has helped Galston Rotary for many years by volunteering to transport a local young lady to the Royal North Shore Hospital for tests and treatment on a regular basis. This often proved a full day task, waiting at the Hospital until the consultation or treatment was finished. He undertakes this job willingly and the young lady has told us that she is very grateful for the company and support of Patrick during her long illness. He has helped at the Book Fair a number of times doing the heavy work of setting up tables and books at the hall ready for the weekend. Then he helps with the removal and cleanup at the conclusion of the Fair. Patrick is a real friend of Galston Rotary.

Anthony Favaloro

Anthony, a resident of Rowland Village, volunteers his time driving the elderly of our community to their medical and other appointments. Although he is a part of the Neighbour Aid Transport Service of the Galston Community Health Centre, he offers help and support outside of this service. The community at Rowland Village are very blessed to have such a person in their midst. Anthony is one of ‘Nature’s Gentlemen’ and a ‘good neighbour’. “He does his work with such kindness, selflessness and compassion”, says Cathy Baynie, Practice Manager of the Galston Medical Centre.

Allan Head

Allan was a founding member of the Hornsby and Districts Model Engineers Society and helped plan, establish and develop the Galston Valley Model Railway. He has worked tirelessly and continuously at Galston for 35 years and is one of the five remaining original members. Every week he faithfully gives his time and talents to this wonderful community enterprise. His three steam engines have provided thousands of hours of pleasure and enjoyment to many, many families in the local and wider communities. He has helped the community of Normanhurst, Thornleigh and also Hornsby Hospital to mention a few, for many years. Allan is a veteran of World War II RAAF - 24th Squadron. This is only a tiny glimpse into his special life and his man achievements too numerous to mention.


Nathan started his nursery career with Rossmore Nurseries and when they ceased operation moved to Andressons Green Wholesale Nurseries at Kemps Creek. In his nursery work Nathan enjoys the dispatch department as it gives him the opportunity to become familiar with a larger number of plant varieties and chose the quality plants for delivery. Nathans hobbies include surfing on his body board, motor bike riding and bush walking. Nathan is a Christian and at some time in the future wishes to go to Bible College. His family includes Mum, Dad and Sister. Congratulations Nathan for a consistent effort over your whole course.


Rod tallis spent all his life in Arcadia, where he made a success of whatever he chose to do.  He established Overland nursery in 1973 with his wife Julia. This became an outstanding and highly respected business within the nursery industry. Rod crammed into his brief 36 years, what most of us take a lifetime to achieve. His dedication and commitment to his business and community life were numerous.  Rod held various offices in this church, the Galston Seventh Day Adventist Church, the Nurseryman’s Association and the Sydney Regional Branch of the Association and the Rotary Club of Galston where he was a charter member.  In 1980 the Ryde School of Horticulture offered a three year Nursery Trade Course, which was designed to train persons interested in nursery production. Rod spent time helping with the content of the course.  The Rod Tallis Memorial Shield is presented to the student in Horticulture who has highest marks over the three year course in memory of Rod Tallis who was taken from us aged 36 years.